Two Friends Talk History

The Globalised Mediterranean

September 04, 2021 An ArchaeoArtist Production Season 2 Episode 22
Two Friends Talk History
The Globalised Mediterranean
Show Notes

This week, Zofia is  joined by archaeologist and outdoor adventure entrepreneur, Dr Meg Currie-Moodie. Meg and I talk about the globalised Mediterranean in antiquity, and what it meant to have shared visual language - a visual koine.
We discuss large-scale material culture which employs globalised artistic elements - the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania built Juba II called Kubr-er-Rumia in Arabic - and a small-scale devotional statuette found in Egypt of Horus dressed as a Roman emperor!

For more information on the statue of Horus, you can find a fascinating article that discusses it and the recreated colouring here.

Meg is also the Co-Founder of Beneath Your Feet Adventures where she now combines outdoor education with archaeological expertise!
You can follow Meg on Facebook or Instagram at Beneath Your Feet Adventures.

Image credits: cover illustration by Zofia Guertin.
Photo of Horus statuette: the British Museum
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Music by the wonderfully talented Chris Sharples
Image credits: cover illustrations and map by Zofia Guertin. 

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