Two Friends Talk History

Multilingualism in Republican Italy

December 29, 2021 An ArchaeoArtist Production Season 2 Episode 27
Two Friends Talk History
Multilingualism in Republican Italy
Show Notes

Drawing the year to a close, this week, Zofia is joined by historian Dr Rory Nutter. Together we discuss the linguistic changes that took place in the Italian peninsula over the 4th- 3rd centuries BCE as Latin speakers interacted with the mosaic of languages spoken in the region, and the importance of looking at the materiality of objects when reading inscriptions.

Tangents include awkward linguistic encounters, Aeclanum field school, and visiting Ostia Antica.

The show will be going on hiatus until February, so until then, thank you so much for tuning to Two Friends Talk History!

You can follow Dr Nutter on Twitter @Rory_Nutter.

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Music by the wonderfully talented Chris Sharples
Illustration by Zofia Guertin

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